Moderate Majority has, without any corporate or government funding, prevented homelessness for 14 veterans and two children.

(It is up to the veteran's discretion whether they are identified by name and photograph or not.)


William Conn Robertson, US Army

Conn is a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, having served as an infantryman before being deployed as a sniper. After his honorable discharge, he moved to San Diego, California where he secured employment engraving guns and is planning on attending school. Unfortunately, his motorcycle broke down and left him unable to make the 45 minute commute. Moderate Majority sent his bike to SoCal Motorcycle Services, and Conn is out on the road again!


Morgan, US Marine Corps. and Coast Guard

In spite of service in two branches and deployments as a convoy driver in Iraq, the VA was unable to process Morgan's disability requests in any semblance of a timely fashion. Morgan found Moderate Majority two weeks before his scheduled eviction and with only two fundraisers, we raised $2000 in 10 days and kept Morgan off the street. He recently completed a truck driving certification and lives and works in East County. (Click Here to Learn More)

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Josh Henebry, USMC

Josh served the Corps. for 9 years, but struggled to find employment when he left the service. He lost his house and both cars and was unable to work as a driver for Uber. Having scraped and saved, he still found himself almost $2000 short of purchasing a used car. Thanks to the members of Moderate Majority, Josh is working as a driver while he attends community college.

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Devon Dickinson, USMC

When Devon's wife lost her job, he wasn't sure he'd be able to make rent. Thanks to your contributions to Moderate Majority, they remained housed to this day. (Click Here to Learn More)

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Jonathan Stephane Mukendi, USMC

Stephane is a college student, a Marine veteran, and a bouncer in San Diego. In between jobs and transferring from City College to Mesa, Stephane's GI Bill was almost 2 and a half months late in paying out. Thanks to the members of Moderate Majority, he didn't have to lose his apartment.

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Rudy Pineda, USMC

Rudy was honorably discharged in June of 2015, almost immediately got a job as a solar salesman, and enrolled at community college. Unfortunately, his GI Bill money did not arrive in August when school began, and Rudy found himself almost $1000 behind on the truck payment that he needed to make in order to commute to work and school.  Members of Moderate Majority made his truck payment for him and since then, he's been promoted and remains employed.

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Dawn, US Navy

After losing her job, Dawn turned to many organizations for help before she came to Moderate Majority. She fell through the cracks between every single one: drug rehab housing could not take her because she did not have a drug problem; chronic homelessness was helpless because Dawn was not chronically homeless. She was in danger of losing her housing when Moderate Majority stepped in and helped. (Click Here to Learn More)

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"Albert" and "Vicky", US Marine Corps.

"Albert" and "Vicky" met in the Marines and chose to stay in San Diego with Vicky's two young sons. Errors in their GI Bill benefits meant they were facing eviction in February 2014. Thanks to Moderate Majority's Namaste Fund, Vicky, Albert, and their kids remained in their San Diego apartment. (Click Here to Learn More)

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"Sandra" and "Emmaline", US Navy

Sandra and Emmeline served together on the USS Kidd before becoming roommates in civilian life. When Emmeline became unemployed just before rent was due with the GI bill still a month away, Moderate Majority covered the gap. Sandra is now married and living in the Pacific Northwest. Ella is engaged and living with her fiancee in Kansas. (Click Here to Learn More)

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"CJ", US Navy

CJ is a Navy veteran in his 50s. He is a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma whose efforts to deal with this pain tore his family apart and left him almost-broke and near-homeless. Moderate Majority was able to keep him in his small apartment while he waited for GI Bill money that ended up being almost 6 weeks late. (Click Here to Learn More)