The People's Voice Project exists to expose the contradictions in American society -- the hypocritical gaps between what is said by government officials and the way Americans experience being governed.

From Vietnam veterans who are struggling to have their PTSD recognized to college students who feel lied to by Barack Obama, the People's Voice Project seeks to empower the community by giving a direct voice to the suffering and oppressed. The sad truth is that in America, this is too many of us.

Jaime, US Army Veteran

"I feel like veterans have done so much for our country and it's very easy on Veteran's Day to say "thank you" and forget about it for the rest of the year..."

Arianna, Moderate Majority Member

"A hashtag doesn't mean that you're doing anything...and I was kind of frustrated by that and wanted to put my money where my mouth was..."

Steven Rubert

Steven is on the board of Moderate Majority. He is a student of economics and firearms enthusiast.


Justin is a veteran and member of Moderate Majority.

Tyler, Marine Corps Veteran

He has lost several former squadmates to suicide.

Tyler, pt. 2

The corruption behind the start of the Iraq War cost some members of his generation their lives.


Morgan is an Iraq War Veteran and resident of San Diego. He has experienced repeated delays in his GI Bill benefits.


San Diego resident and supporter of our veterans.

Bryan Kim

CEO and founder of the Moderate Majority. Ending partisanship and taking community action on bipartisan issues are his life's projects.

"Ted" (Name changed by request)

Like most of my fellow Americans I have vices I rely on to wind down after a long day at work, and occasionally the vice of my choice is marijuana. Instead of spending money and time at a company happy hour after a long day and dealing with a hangover the next morning, I like to go home and smoke a small bowl while I decompress with a soft couch and a good book. In moderation and in the comfort of my home, it’s completely safe and does not affect the lives of people around me.

Despite this, the American government has decided that I am a criminal. I have to live in fear of law enforcement coming to my home if we throw a party or searching my car illegally during a random stop. Getting caught with marijuana can lead to jail time, hefty fines and, in my case, unemployment.Why? I’m not a criminal; I despise stoner culture, value hard work, and try to live my life as the model American. I shouldn’t live in fear due to a harmless vice.

- "Ted" is a young professional from California and an "enemy" in the War on Drugs. He is employed by a Fortune 500 company and has no criminal record.


Last month, some kid [clearly inebriated] started trying to kick in my door. He was pounding on it, jerking the handle, etc. My roommate and I told him to f*** off quite loudly and clearly, several times. When it didn't work, I called 911 and made it very clear that the kid could be inside at any time and I had no idea if he was armed.

40 minutes later, I called back and asked where the f*** the police were. They said, "Nobody is available right now. We will dispatch someone when we can." Not one officer showed up that night, so my roommate went into the hall and beat the shit out of the kid. We had to use violence that could get people hurt or in jail, simply because the police can't be bothered to actually do their jobs.

This incident is why I no longer respect the opinions of anyone who believes that citizens shouldn't have the right and ability to arm themselves. F*** the police: if they're not going to do their jobs, then I have absolutely no qualms about pumping some thug full of lead. I'd rather not, but hey, somebody has to stop the criminals.

- Michael is a Greenpeace activist and resident of San Diego.

Jeff K.

The US government makes it a top priority, to make weapons for war, even if they have to fabricate a conflict.

Billions of dollars are taken from the pockets of hard working Americans, every day, to fund the war machine.

What are the consequences? Too many to list. We have a death based, bubble economy that only promotes more government waste and guarantees the lost lives from our foundation: young citizens.

At what point is enough, enough? Every night, across America, 10-15% of the homeless are veterans of foreign wars. Our own troops, literally "On the Ground".

The simple fact that elected officials never even address this is an abomination. We build tanks for a war fought 50 years ago. We build a joint strike fighter that doesn't even work. We build stealth fighter jets that can't fly in the rain.

When are the elected officials going to take a good hard look in the mirror? Look at themselves and say, “Yes... I'm going to make sure that 18 year old farm kid, that I sent off to die and has the support he needs. Not only to begin a new life after these wars, but to begin a new and better life, even without legs.”

- Jeff is the 5 Star City Commander of Greenpeace Sacramento. He believes in environmental sustainability, fiscal responsibility, and the Oregon Ducks.


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It's far past time we put human faces to the problems faced by every American.