In October 2014, Moderate Majority lost a veteran friend to suicide, a Marine who believed in the idea of atonement through service -- the only way to make up for harm done is to do good. He believed in the Namaste spirit: to honor the presence of the divine in everyone through good acts and good deeds.

His passing is a shock to those of us who knew him, and a loss to the world. In his honor and to carry on his spirit, we intend to support his brothers and sisters in arms. We keep them housed, with running water and their lights. By providing basic human dignities that ALL people deserve, we will honor them and their spirit of service to the country.

We have decided to rename our Veteran Community Assistance Program the Namaste Fund for Veteran Homelessness.

By the time our soldiers come home, two-thirds are physically or mentally disabled. Many find it difficult to get or keep a job, maintain necessary supportive relationships, or apply for and receive benefits. There are already over 4,000 homeless veterans in San Diego County alone. Moderate Majority knows that it's much cheaper to PREVENT homelessness than to pick someone off the street. That's why we give preventative grants to qualified veterans to ensure that they keep a roof over their head and have a home base from which to build their lives.

  • 4 million veterans are at risk of homelessness right now. We find vets who are on the verge of being evicted and keep them in their homes! Using only $2000 per recipient, we are able to quickly and effectively catch the veterans who have fallen through the cracks of VA care.
  • We cover the basic necessities to ensure that every veteran we help has quality housing. We ask only three questions: Is it simple? Is it respectful? Will it help? We pay rent, utilities, security deposits, moving costs, down payments, and home repairs.

The Namaste Fund receives no corporate sponsors, foundation money, or government grants.They are repayments from the American people to those who've served.



Moderate Majority is proud to announce our support and endorsement of the Homeless to Housed San Diego coalition to build tiny houses for the homeless with a focus on veterans, women, and children.

We have known since our inception as an organization that we live in a system that claims to care for our veterans while leaving them out in the cold. When there are over 300,000 veterans who are sleeping on the streets or in shelters across the country with over 1,300 in San Diego in particular, there is no clearer sign that our VA and our elected politicians have failed us and our veteran community.

San Diego in particular has been failing its veterans even as other cities have completed ended veteran homelessness. A Union Tribune article noted that San Diego's homeless veteran population rose 5% between 2014 and 2015 to the third-highest population of homeless vets anywhere in the United States. The problem is that other cities do not have San Diego's proud tradition of military service, making this failure in our backyard all the more disgraceful.

Fortunately, there is a cost-effective solution that has already been into practice everywhere from Seattle to Austin: tiny-house communities. They are not permanent housing, but rather a “Housing Now!” solution designed to immediately end homelessness for as many people as possible: tiny, lockable units surrounding a community garden and hygiene station. Here in San Diego, our downtown community will serve as model that can be replicated on unused lots all over the city.

Focusing on veterans, women, and children will allow us to build a safe, diverse community of people who can heal each other from the traumas of their lives and the street. A community garden can not only grow food, but can develop in its caretakers a sense of purpose: our tiny shelter community will not only defend the right of all people to decent shelter, but allow them the space they need to rebuild their lives.

Moderate Majority Foundation is proud to provide ongoing maintenance to the site by keeping the toilets and showers clean, as well as growing and investing in the community garden. We will peacefully defend this space and its right to exist from all enemies, criminal or governmental. We know that shelter is a basic human right. We will do everything in our power to provide it until veteran homelessness has been ended here in San Diego.

Are you interested in getting involved in this project? Volunteer every Sunday at 11AM at the Colab at 6055 Fairmount Ave, or donate to Moderate Majority here:


As of  June 2017, we have successfully prevented homelessness for


All of them remain housed to this day.

Your generosity alone makes this program possible.